So what’s being offered? Skep Brewing is offering prepaid Beer Shares at monthly and biweekly levels. The IPA track offers a rotating billet of delicious India Pale Ales for your year-round enjoyment; available at the beginning of each month.

The Seasonal Beer track follows the change in weather with darker, maltier offerings in the fall through winter and lighter refreshing fare in the spring and summer. This option is currently packaged and ready for pick up mid-month.

With a biweekly share, you will have the best of both worlds; receiving a share of IPAs and Seasonals monthly.

Brass Tacks

Share prices are based on a $12.50 4-pack of 16oz cans (64oz). 

Shares run Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, and Oct-Dec (pro-rating available)

2024Monthly ShareBi-Weekly Share
4-pack Cans (16oz)$37.50$75
Term3 months3 months

**6-month and Yearly shares available on request

How do I sign up and how do I get my tasty libations? Pricing is based on a 3-month term but you are welcome to choose 6 or 12 months as well. Payments can be made via cash or Venmo. Just let me know the track and frequency you would like to participate in. Cans can be picked up at the brewery immediately upon release, typically on Thursdays or Fridays. Additionally, subscribers are able to pick up their shares when convenient after that. Just send me a text!

You had me at Beer. So what do I do now? Sign up!! Fill out your info on the contact tab and let me know what you are interested in. Input is highly encouraged but of course not required.



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